Windows Mobile device is famous for its ultra small form factor and portability that allow users to hand carry it around while able to operate it like a mobile PC. However, it does pose some limitations such as inconvenience in typing or an actual mouse scrolling especially on the tiny keyboard or touch screen interface. Here Teksoft has some solutions for you that let you control your Windows Mobile device through conventional keyboard and mouse. Just recently, Teksoft has released a new software named as USBInput HID Driver targeted for users that would like to enjoy desktop PC typing and mouse scrolling experience on Windows Mobile Device.

The USBInput driver is claimed to work well with any standard USB keyboard and mouse. Besides, it doesn’t consume much of your Windows Mobile memory space, with just as little as 500kB memory occupancy after installation. Good thing is, it is very easy to be installed with just a few tab on the screen. After the installation, you need to restart your pocket PC in order for it to be effective.

You may wonder how you suppose to connect a USB mouse or keyboard since there is no (at least I haven’t seen one before) USB host interface on your mobile device. Not to worry about it as there is already some hardware converters that user can plug into mobile device SD/CF card slot providing USB host interface at the other end for users to plug in their USB keyboard or mouse.

The software is free for download at USBInput with unlimited trial. If you think the CF to USB conversion module is too bulky, do try out alternative solution using BlueInput, the Bluetooth HID Driver from Teksoft that works great wirelessly with any Bluetooth mouse.