You might have some special videos categorized as your private collection and you do not want others to open and watch them. To prevent people from watching or stopping unwanted interception and viewing when the video is being transmitted from one to another, an extremely useful method is to encrypt the videos and set passwords to protect them. Video Sanctuary is a simple video encryption application that is designed to help users to protect videos. This video encryption tool will encrypt a video file with password and convert the video to an executable file.

Users or the creators can distribute this executable file (encrypted video) to their recipient. When the recipient tries to open the executable file, the executable file will request for playback password from the recipient in order to play that video. The playback password is unique for every machine. At the same time, the executable file also generates a unique ID for that machine. The recipient can thence send his/her machine ID to the creator. The creator will then create a Playback Password based on the recipient’s unique ID.

Via this video encryption tool, users can impose another security measure on their private videos especially when they intend to send or distribute to certain recipients only. This tiny program is free and it can be downloaded via the link here.