If you have experienced using Samsung smartphones such as Omnia/Epix or i780i, you may be impressed with the mouse scrolling feature that allows a truly one hand operation when doing web surfing or function control on mobile devices . If you are hoping one for your Windows Mobile device that doesn’t come integrated with this great feature set, here is very useful software solution, known as VirtuaMouse One-Hand v1.0 from Innovision Corporation that can help you to emulate the same usage without any hardware modification by using the D-pad on existing device.

Once after installation, it will bring you to the simple VirtuaMouse setup interface that allows users to configure before the first time use. Basically there is a way to enable cursor acceleration, how fast a cursor speed responsiveness, an assigned button to show/hide the VirtuaMouse and even users can choose specific image of cursor (black, white with large, small, extra small size) that suits own preference. Immediate after that, click on the VirtuaMouse One-Hand icon and you are now ready to scroll the mouse with combination of left, right, up and down button on your D-Pad.

With the fully customizable setup, the software utility is claimed to be even better as compared to what being offered in Samsung Omnia/Epix smartphones. I have tried it myself on HTC Touch and it just works great especially when you are driving that almost no way to operate your mobile device with only one hand . The software utility is compatible with Windows Mobile 2003, WM5, WM6 and users can enjoy a full function 30-days free trial without any charge. Download the Windows Installer here or cab file here.