Microsoft Office Visio 2010 is the newest and latest version of diagramming program for Windows that uses vector graphics to create diagrams, released in conjunction with Microsoft Office 2010. Visio 2010 is available in three editions, namely Visio Standard 2010, Visio Professional 2010 and Visio Premium 2010, where Visio 2010 Standard is the most basic version and Visio 2010 Premium is the version with comprehensive full features.

Features and benefits of Visio 2010 include:

  • Quickly create the diagrams you need with minimal effort.
  • Identify operational inefficiencies by using Visio 2010’s comprehensive and robust business process analysis capabilities to capture, explore, and communicate current business processes and identify operational inefficiencies.
  • Document IT infrastructure and improve critical IT processes to enhance compliance and reduce IT costs.
  • Improve project management.
  • Link data to diagrams to visualize and explore complex data to gain business insights and make better decisions, faster.
  • Reduce costs using server consolidation planning.

Microsoft offers a free trial version of Visio Premium 2010 for general public to download, install and evaluate or try for 60 days free of charge. The evaluation copy of Visio Premium 2010 is a full featured software after activation, with a free product key to activate given after registration on TechNet. Users who do not want to register though can use the following direct download links to the setup installers of Visio Premium 2010 hosted on Microsoft Download Center (32-bit or 64-bit) instead.

Download Visio Premium 2010 Trial

32-bit (x86) English: VisioSingleImage.exe
64-bit (x64) English: VisioSingleImage.exe

32-bit (x86) Arabic: VisioSingleImage.exe
64-bit (x64) Arabic: VisioSingleImage.exe

32-bit (x86) Simplified Chinese: VisioSingleImage.exe
64-bit (x64) Simplified Chinese: VisioSingleImage.exe

In addition to Visio Premium 2010 Trial setup installers which available directly and officially from Microsoft, official distributor and partner of Microsoft, Digital River, also hosts and publishes direct download links to Visio 2010 retail version. The downloads is authoritative, genuine, valid and it’s meant for customers who purchase Visio 2010 online through web stores or retailers.

The retail version of Visio 2010 contains all three editions of Vision 2010, and thus can be used to install either Visio 2010 Standard, Professional or Premium.

Download Visio 2010 (Standard, Professional, Premium) – Retail

English 32-bit (x86): X16-33056.exe
English 64-bit (x64): X16-33029.exe

Brazilian Portuguese 32-bit (x86): X16-33050.exe
Brazilian Portuguese 64-bit (x64): X16-33023.exe

Dutch 32-bit (x86): X16-33055.exe
Dutch 64-bit (x64): X16-33028.exe

Italian 32-bit (x86): X16-33063.exe
Italian 64-bit (x64): X16-33036.exe

Spanish 32-bit (x86): X16-33072.exe
Spanish 64-bit (x64): X16-33045.exe

Note that a valid product key is required to start the installation of retail version of Visio 2010, unlike volume license edition of Project 2010 where product key is not entered until after running the application. To view the diagrams or documents created with Visio 2010 without the program, download and install Visio 2010 Viewer.