Disk defragmenting is an old trick to tune up your Windows System. Those fragmented data accumulated over a long period of time tends to slow down your computer operation. To optimize your disk performance, you can schedule your disk defragmenter tool to do the task automatically and periodically. Vopt is another disk defragmenter developed by Golden Bow Systems that you can opt for tidying up your messy hard disk.

Like other disk defragmenter tools, Vopt can be scheduled to defragment your hard disk, but in fantastic speed. This tool will indicate to users the hard disk scanned information and statistics such as file usage, fragmentation, etc. Other than that, Vopt also features additional tools, for instance, to locate large files, remove junk files, clean up your browser’s cache and cookies.

Vopt has released its latest version Vopt 9.05. Some major changes in this version include:
– Added volume mount points (drives mounted as folders) in the drive list.
– File sizes are now reported as size on disk.
– Added Compress (or Uncompress) and Encrypt (or Decrypt) to the right-click popup menu in the “Clusters” and “Usage” windows. Encrypted files can be decrypted only by the user who encrypted them. Compressed files will be uncompressed if encrypted.
– Minor improvements and fixes.

Download the latest Vopt 9.05 via the link here for a 30-day trial.