Microsoft has recently released the Windows 7 RC Training Kit for Developers. The ultimate aim of the Redmond Company in releasing the training kit is to feed all Windows developers with relevant and valuable information to make their applications shine on Windows 7. The newly released training kit consists of 10 presentations and 8 Hands-On-Labs (HOL). It covers most of the Windows 7 light-up features as well as application compatibility topics. Via the HOL, developers will be able to experience all the new light-up features available in Windows 7 such as Taskbar, Libraries, Multi-Touch, Sensors and Location, Graphics, Ribbon, Trigger Start Services, Instrumentation and Event Tracing for Windows (ETW). Other than that, Microsoft also provides a brief Application Compatibility overview on Windows 7.

Developers who are keen to have first hand information about Windows 7 can download the RC Training Kit and Windows® API Code Pack for Microsoft® .NET Framework.