Many Windows users might not like the default settings that come automatically but tend to customise or make changes to the default settings. Users who are familiar with control panel or other system utilities shouldn’t have much problem to make changes or edit the settings. However, there are still many users who find accessing Control Panel to locate the Windows settings on their own tedious or complicated. To keep things simpler particularly for non-tech-savvy users, Windows Access Panel offers a more direct and user-friendly way.

Windows Access Panel is a free portable utility that allows users to do quick changes on Windows settings and access Windows utilities via its simple application interface. Technically this program doesn’t actually do the changes itself. This program basically simplifies the processes by adding 48 commonly used built-in Windows utilities into the program interface. Once users click on to the shortcut, instead of going through a few steps like what users normally do when they use the control panel to change the settings, users will notice the program starting immediately. For instance, if users want to do Disk Defragmentation, users can just click on to the shortcut appearing on the program interface, and the Disk Defragmentation will commence immediately unlike the conventional way where users need to go through a few steps/clicks before the task starts.

Windows Access Panel is quite helpful particularly for those who are new to Windows or those who are not familiar with the OS. This program works for Windows 7 and Vista. Users who want to get this application to enjoy easy access to Windows’ settings can download it via the link here.