Microsoft has now officially announced the release of Beta build of Windows Home Server Power Pack 3 (PP3), a solution for users to back up and restore Windows 7 PCs. First introduced in 2007 by Bill Gates, the Windows Home Server Operating System is a user friendly backup server tool designed particularly for home users. The newly released Power Pack 3 has incorporated significant changes in terms of enhancements and new features which are specifically tailored for the new Windows 7 users.

With the new PP3, Windows Home Server will be able to support full image-based backup of Windows 7. It allows a complete recovery in the event users encounter hard disk failure, and restoration of a single file or folder if it is accidentally deleted or lost. Besides, PP3 allows Windows Home Server to integrate Windows 7 Libraries and share the media folders so that users can enjoy better and easier searching for multimedia contents on other PCs. The built in Windows Search 4 (the successor to the Windows search platform) that comes along will boost the query search time and indexing time significantly as well.

“Power Pack 3 Beta will add Music, Photos and Videos shared folders on the home server to Windows 7 Libraries making the content available for applications such as Windows Explorer, Windows Media Center, Windows Media Player and other applications that use Windows 7 Libraries. This allows users to quickly access all their content in one organized place that is always available, searchable and expandable. Users can also search a specific library without having to know where the files are stored,” according to Steven Leonard, senior product manager for Windows Home Server.

While pending the final version for Power Pack 3 to be released, the existing Windows Home Server can enjoy a free update to this beta version via the standard Windows Update process. Other users who would like to test the Beta build of PP3 can sign up withMicrosoft Connect for the free 180-day evaluation copies of the software given by the Redmond Company.