Microsoft has released a preview of Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) to a small group of testers for evaluation before a broader Beta release via Technet and MSDN, and public download later on. However, this Vista SP1 Beta preview release, which in actual should be named ‘alpha version’ considering possible bugs contained inside it, has been leaked to P2P download sites, and available for download via BitTorrent (BT) and ED2K (eDonkey or eMule) file sharing network. If you really feel that your Vista system needs servicing immediately and can no longer wait, then download and apply this pre-beta SP1 package at your own risk. You will be lucky if this preview beta release doesn’t make the system messier.

For fastest download, you can download the Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Build 6001.16633 (or more detailed build tag is 6001.16633.070803-1655) via Bit Torrent network. Torrents for the setup files can be download from the following links:

Vista Service Pack 1 for x86 based system: – 698.63 MB
Vista Service Pack 1 for x64 based system: Microsoft.Windows.Vista.SP1.Update.64Bit.Build.6001.16633.DVD.READ.NFO-WinBeta.torrent – 1.11 GB

Once you downloaded the archives with BT clients such as uTorrent and BitComet, unpack them with WinRAR. The SP1 setup installer will be extracted to wb-vsp132Bit6001.16633 (for 32-bit) and wb-vsp164Bit6001.16633.dvd (for 64-bit) folder respectively.

If you prefer, you can also directly upload the SP1 setup installer via HTTP:

x85 Vista: windows6.0-kb936330-x86.exe – 684.71 MB
x64 Vista: windows6.0-kb936330-x64.exe – 1.09 GB

As mentioned, this package is a very preliminary pre-beta build of SP1 instead of an actual beta build. It is also a standalone update pack that can be installed in any edition of Vista RTM and is not a fully integrated and slipstreamed SP1 ISO unlike the previously released Vista SP1 build 6001.16549. After patching with SP1, you will see your system information showing that the system is running Vista Ultimate, Service Patch 1, v.249, with version build as 6.0.6001.16633 (longhorn.070803-1655).

There is also a previously leaked Vista SP1 Beta which is labeled “Vista updates installer 32bit-Pre-sp1-Aug25th-2007” and “Vista updates installer 64bit-sp1 preview-Aug 24th-2007”, which both versions describe themselves as “The Vista Performance, Compatibility and Reliability Pack.” However, both versions is likely incomplete or earlier version of pre-beta, as the download sizes are just 249.67 MB and 197.12 MB respectively for x32 and x64 Vista (smaller size for x64 package also contradict Microsoft claim that 64-bit SP1 will use more space), and it set system information as running Vista (edition), Service Patch 1, v.165.

Make sure that you read all information about Vista Service Pack 1 before you install SP1 on your system, including the white paper. Also take note of the size of the installation – 12 GB is required for 64-bit edition, and worse, the whole SP1 will likely take up around 5 GB or more of hard disk space after installed.

Final warning: Don’t blame anybody else if this version of Service Pack 1 for Vista spoil your system instead of upgrading it. Your system may go back to evaluation mode too if something goes wrong.