Nowadays many scanners allow users to scan a document directly to PDF or other formats. However, some scanners only limit users to save the scanned document into image formats such as jpg or png. After scanning, many users will thence convert the scanned document into pdf format via pdf printer or other converters. Some users might find these processes a bit tedious and time wasting. To cut it short, users can try this tiny and handy application, WinScan2PDF.

WinScan2PDF is a very small (~40k) and portable program that allows users to scan documents and save them on their computer as a PDF by using any installed scanner straight away. This free tiny application features a simple interface which is pretty user friendly. Users just need to select the scanning source and scan the document straight away to PDF format. It saves users the hassle of doing another conversion.

Users can download the Windows application WinScan2PDF via the link here.