Here come a new tool that can transform your WMD (Windows Mobile Device) to wireless access point. It doesn’t require any hardware tweaking but only with installation of the new application software known as WMWifiRouter. However, your windows mobile device needs to have the WiFi capability and able to access to cellular network (either though GPRS, UMTS or HSDPA). Just follow a few simple steps and you should have your mobile phone setup as one of the Ad-Hoc network access points in your home that allow internet connection through mobile data service.

There are few links that you can download the utility. Some are with network settings and the rest are without network settings in which users have to key in the setting manually. The latter one is suitable for those that already have pre-configured Ad-Hoc network setting in their mobile devices. The simplest way is to download the .exe files and store it directly to your mobile phone. Alternatively, download the CAB file and install it by following instructions shown on your mobile devices. Once successfully configured, you will observe a new Ad-Hoc network with the name of WMWifiRouter.

Even though it is still in Beta version, the solution is quite complete and compatible to Windows Mobile 5 and even latest Windows Mobile 6. Best thing is, it is totally free for download at WMWifiRouter. Anyway, donations are always welcomed if you think the application software is useful for your daily works.