You might come across some good movies or video clips and want to cut a specific section of the video for some reasons such as sharing with friends, incorporating into a presentation file, using as teaching material, etc. There are various video editing tools which allow users to cut or trim video files. However, many of these video trimming applications are not so user- friendly. They feature many advanced functions which are not really required by amateur users and which confuse them instead. X2X Free Video Trim is a simple but powerful video player cum trimmer that users can consider if they are looking for something simple but can still serve the same purpose.

Available for downloading via the link here, X2X Free Video Trim features basic control buttons: play, pause, stop, move forward and backward. They can be used to support most of the popular video and audio file formats. Users who need to cut or trim a particular section of a video or audio file can make use of this application to do the trimming and convert the trimmed portion into either MP3 or MP4 files. This simple and user-friendly interface video trimmer is extremely attractive. Users can do the video trimming easily and concurrently while watching the video.