Four-letter words can really colour your speech when you are passing comments in YouTube but they are not particularly suitable for kids who will pick up the bad habit. Yet one can’t throw away the good with the bad, and more to the point, banning your kids from YouTube is like confining him or her to Siberia. Parents who want to filter profane language and protect their kids from the seedy side of YouTube can install the YouTube Comment Snob for FireFox which will help to block some of the hate mail, profanity or bad language coming their child’s way.

The add-on kicks into action when it detects certain patterns of language use: all caps, no punctuation, excessive punctuation, profanity, frequent spelling errors, etc. Users can actually choose the criteria for the removal of certain comments from YouTube. While it is not fool-proof, it can filter some of the atrocious content of YouTube user comments and reduce the harm on children.

Download YouTube Comment Snob.