The useful online private file storage and sharing service,, now has introduced a Firefox plugin which allow users to enjoy this service better via their Firefox browser. By using the Firefox browser, this new Firefox addon will make dragging or dropping files become easier. The dragging and dropping work can be done just with a single click, from the browser’s toolbar.

To use drag &, users basically need to visit and create online sharing points called, “drops”. Users will then use their “drops” to upload documents, images, video, audio, and other digital content without accounts, registration or e-mail addresses. They can upload these files by just dragging them from their desktop to their web browser. The process is quite easy and fast. However, with this new Firefox plugin, users can skip the “drop” point process. Users can straight away drag their files over the little red check box in their status bar. This new tool in Firefox will automatically create a drop point for users. Users do not need to browse website in order to create these “drop” points. It saves quite a lot of time. addon for Firefox browser is cross-platform and works well with Firefox for Windows, OS X and Linux. Users can get this plugin via the link here.