Nowadays, a lot of people might save their files online as a backup purpose or sharing files among their team member were become more and more popular. Gladinet is one of the tools which can make it more convenient and easily. Gladinet is free windows application that run on the desktop which able to offer easy access to online files or across remote PCs.

There have four main features of Gladinet which are easy to access online files, use web application as locally, remote access to multiple PCs and on demand sharing with friends.

Easy To Access Online Files:

  • Gladinet creates a virtual drive on windows desktop and allow users to access their online storage as if they were local folders.
  • Gladinet Cloud Desktop integrates Microsoft SkyDrive, Amazon Simple Storage Service(S3) and other online storages. so that the users can use these online storages as local folders.
  • It also can connects all the Windows PCs together and the users able to access their digital contents on all the PCs from a single virtual drive.
  • The users can mount, unmount online storages and manage all the digital content with Virtual Directory Manager.

Use Web Application Locally:

  • It integrated web application to windows desktop or the browser which the users used.
  • Allow to use the web application like use Zoho online office to open local file.
  • Easy add, remove, enable or disable web application by Gladinet Sys Tray icon. 

Remote access to multiple PCs:

  • Able to connect all PCs together and access folders on multiple PCs from any one of them.
  • Able to use remote access solutions such as RDP or VNC among them.

On demand sharing with friends:

  • Sharing Files and Folders is as easy as sending an e-mail or an instant message.
  • The receiver view your shared files instantly and securely without any Gladinet software pre-installed.

The programs are available in 32 bit version and 64 bit version.