Music video below is an interesting way to remember, and spread the magic key known as “09 F9” AACS DRM processing key. The best thing about this encrypted secret processing key is that it can be used to generate Media Key (each valid for one movie) which when combined with Volume ID (also possible to be hacked) will produce Volume Unqiue Key that will unlock and decrypt AACS protected contents Title Keys, used on HD-DVD and Blu-Ray, if you have the right tools, such as BackupHDDVD. In this way, the movie contents can be freely copied or backed up and watched in another media player without AACS Host Certificate or Private Key.

The song was the product triggered by DMCA violation notices issued by lawyer representing AACS LA, mainly due to the fact that all and every HD-DVD, and possibly Blu-Ray movie discs released to date use this same Processing Key, which hasn’t been revoked, and thus can be used to decrypt and unlock all HD-DVDs and Blu-Ray movies.

If you feel this song is nice, the lyric for it is simple:


Disclaimer: The above string is just meant to be the lyric for the song.