It is common to compare benchmarking performance among various processor solutions from different vendors and good news now, the EEMBC (Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium) has just announced its first free benchmarking tool targeted for embedded systems. Named as CoreMark 1.0, it intends to give consumers an alternative solution to Dhrystone test that is widely accepted in the industry so that at least we are aware of how good our processors can perform in daily applications.

Instead of targeting for specific applications that could means more complicated data to analyze, CoreMark simplifies the whole benchmarking process and will only display generic benchmarking performance with single data specifically on processor core only. Unlike Dhrystone, CoreMark is claimed to be less susceptible to compiler tweaking that could potentially manipulate the data prone to certain parties’ advantages.

In conjunction with the release, the consortium has just launched a new website that allows users to publish their own benchmarking scores together with setup details for fairer comparison. Currently CoreMark 1.0 supports a wide number of processors ranging from 8-bit microcontrollers up to 32-bit X86 architectures.