It won’t be surprising that Facebook contain great set of memories from many people’s life. Without realizing it, Facebook is in fact a diary that marks many significant events from the daily life. It would certainly a nice to travel down the memory lane by reminisce about these pasts events. Can you imagine all interactions from your Facebook wall are nicely compiled into a physical book and keeping the memory forever? The cool Facebook app called EgoBook has made the making of a great book from Facebook profile possible. EgoBook compiles the status updates, published pictures, wall messages and the friends’ comments from your Facebook profile.

Here’s are the cool features of the personalized Facebook memoir by EgoBook:

  • Facebook-themed book cover that shows your current profile photo and a line of title that you could specify at your own (e.g. something about yourself).
  • All status updates, profile pictures, wall posts, mobile photo uploads, comments, wall messages since June 2009 assemble the content of the book.
  • Photo mosaic of all friends appears at the end of the book as well as the top 20 list of  friends who commented most frequently in your wall.
  • EgoBook can also be created on behalf of another friend and thus making it as a perfect gift for your social media obsessed friends.
  • English and French language are currently supported.
  • EgoBook can be created for a Facebook fan page as well.

The process of creating your very own EgoBook is extremely simple:

  • Add EgoBook app from here.
  • Configure the options such as language, date range and photo sizes.
  • Edit the title of the front cover page
  • Preview the book and buy.

Unfortunately, EgoBook is not free though.