Slapping the Ekahau wi-fi T301W wristband tag on mental or amnesiac patients can help to keep track of their whereabouts. The device works in confined or open spaces and can be used even in places with no GPS coverage. The tag enables location information to be transmitted through user’s Wi-fi network. The communication is accurate and happens in real-time. The position of users can be determined to within a few feet. Two-way communication through the Wi-Fi network enables users to be alerted to any impending event or action, and allows them to send out distress call signals if necessary.

Ekahau T301W

The tag is small and water-proof, making it useful even under-water. The utilisation of this device is widespread. Mine workers, rescue experts, and soldiers can use this tag to keep track of precise locations to prevent accidents and initiate prompt action in emergencies. However, the quoted price of $60 per piece may not encourage bulk purchases and mass use. The battery can last from a few weeks to a month, depending on usage.