Great news for Facebook fans! The world’s first free, mobile, push email service, Emoze has announced that Symbian users can now add their Facebook messaging in combination with any number of email messaging systems to their favorite handset. In the next few days, the privilege will be available for Java and Windows Mobile mobile devices too. The Emoze application allows the users to instantly read, reply and send messages without the need to open the famous Facebook website, aiming to keep people connected anytime, anywhere!

“We are proud to give our users an unrivaled mobile experience that lets them play a more dynamic role as a part of Facebook’s 130 million strong community,” said Eitan Linker, emoze CEO. “Facebook is a prime example of how social networking is changing the world and our users will not miss a trick!”

According to the company, “Emoze never stores the data en-route to the user, giving even greater protection. Through a ‘push’ mechanism, messages are sent and received only when the mobile device is open and ready to receive the transmission.”

“We want everyone in the mass market to be able to enjoy the benefits of social networking when and where they choose,” added by Linker. “Facebook is only the first of many social media sites that will soon be available to our users.”

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