iPod Touch firmware 2.2, released the same time with iPhone firmware software version 2.2, has locked and disabled the Street View feature in the iPod Touch Google Maps application. The lockout is probably to differentiate premium between more profitable iPhone and iPod Touch.

However, iPod Touch community quickly figure out a hack to enable the Google Maps Street View feature in iPod Touch. With jailbreaking and XML code editing, the Street View feature can be re-enabled on Maps app of iPod Touch.

To hack and enable the Google Maps Street View features on iPod Touch, follow these steps:

  1. Download this file via SSH: /System/Library/CoreServices/SpringBoard.app/N45AP.plist.
  2. Convert the .plist binary file to XML at http://iappcat.com/plist/bin2xml.
  3. Find the following lines of code:


    Beneath it add the following lines of code:


  4. Save the XML file.
  5. Go to http://iappcat.com/plist/bin2xml to convert the XML file to binary.
  6. Rename the original file to N45AP.old.
  7. Copy the new N45AP.plist into the device (make sure permissions are 644).
  8. Reboot iPod.

All new Maps feature will now working properly. However, there is annoyance that there will be occasional pop up of messages about search for service (that replaces the word iPod in the top left corner) and waiting for activation notice (there is another hack that fix this “no service” error). Music settings and music slot in Preferences is reset too, unless users perform the following trick. To get the proper preferences back, go to /Applications/Preferences.app folder and do the following:

  1. Rename Settings-iPhone.plist to Settings-iPhone.old.
  2. Copy out Settings-iPod.plist and rename to Settings-iPhone.plist then copy back in.
  3. Reboot iPod.

All settings will be available as before hacking, and music prefs is back to original settings.