How about spicing up your photo browsing or navigating experience with some 3D effects? With the recently released PicLens Version 1.6 by Coollris, you can enjoy your image viewing with Flickr, Picasa, MySpace, Facebook, Yahoo and other websites that support Media RSS with 3-dimensional experiences. PicLens can transform photos or images from the web into a full-screen 3D interface. While enjoying the 3D effect, users can also do photo search and use other built-in functions such as drag, click, zoom and zip for the images.

PicLens is an excellent plug-in for various web browsers such as Firefox, Windows XP, Windos XP and Mac OSX. Users can download Piclens V1.6 via the link here. Once users have downloaded and installed it, they can start using this application by clicking on a small translucent icon that appears atop the image on the selected websites. A PicLens slideshow interface will appear and users can enjoy the photo slideshow and also control the photo transition. The photo transition is fast in loading and playing. The photo resolution in the slideshow is low. However, when you zoom into it, you can get higher resolution photos.

PicLens provides an impressive full-screen 3D browing experience for image viewing on the following sites that support Media RSS:

Photo Sites
– Flickr
– Photobucket
– Picasa Web Albums
– Fotki
– FotoTime
– deviantART
– Smugmug

Social Networking
– Facebook
– MySpace
– Bebo
– Hi5
– Friendster

Image Search
– Google Images
– Yahoo Images
– Ask Images
– Live Images
– AOL Images

– Freewebs
– Adobe Lightroom