maniquen.jpgUnveiled in CES 2008, a unique and creative product brought by Liquid Image will definitely be a hot product for those who love underwater photography when it is launched in March. Integrating a digital camera into a snorkel and scuba mask, this digital underwater gadget gives snorkel divers a handsfree diving treat and at the same time the ultimate underwater photography experience. The underwater breathing apparatus is equipped with a camera for a two-in-one convenience. With this product, diving enthusiasts can explore any coral reefs, feed the fishes, and take in the marvels of the sea with ease and they can do so without the cumbersome camera in hand, greatly enhancing their enjoyment as well as safety.

The mask comes in two options of 5-megapixel or 3.1 megapixel. The device runs on two AAA batteries and can be used at a maximum depth of 1.2m. It has a 16MB built-in memory file and the image storage can be further increased with a MicroSD card. Snorkeling enthusiasts can take pictures by lining up the crosshair on the goggle with the object and pressing the capture button on the top right. The lighted viewing area can also indicate the activated camera mode. Priced at US$99 and above, the snorkeling mask-cum-camera is a bargain in view of the breakthrough wonder in technology. However, the mask may be more suitable for amateurs due to the point-and-shoot functions of the camera. It is ideal for free diving and underwater swimming beginners. The Digital Underwater Camera/Mask is an essential item to be packed for a scuba-diving vacation in a paradise island. Professional snorkel divers and photographers, however, may need to wait for a newer model as this digital photography equipment does not feature zoom functions and other options like in a regular underwater camera.