dreamflyer.jpgPlaying flight simulation games by using a joystick might be a bit boring. It will be more fun if the use of physical motion can be applied in the flight simulation programs. With a motion simulator or motion platform, gamers can enjoy a 3D experience and feel the flying effect. However, an effective motion platform might cost a bomb. You need a huge space with a large projection screen, special equipment, etc. Now gamers have a chance to enjoy a mini motion base with a creative invention for gamers, the Dreamflyer.

The Dreamflyer features a modified Saitek X52 Flight Control system throttle, a joystick (along with rudder pedals), a replica pilot seat in an aluminium frame and a bracket for a single monitor. Gamers can add their own monitor onto the monitor bracket. The 3′ x 6′ compact footprint enables the Dreamflyer to easily fit into your game room or any room in your house. It doesn’t take up a lot of space. Dreamflyer captures the motion based on simple gravitational movements of the chair initiated by the user in response to the views on the screen. By using gravitational force to generate motion, the Dreamflyer™ has eliminated the need for hydraulics and motors, and associated costly maintenance.

The Dreamflyer enhances your gaming experience

The Dreamflyer costs $2,800 (plus taxes). Gamers can also request for a tri-monitor bracket which cost an additional $199 (plus taxes). Enjoy your gaming experience with the Dreamflyer, your personal virtual reality flight motion simulator from www.mydreamflyer.com.