EPOS, a leading provider of advanced digital technology has unveiled a new digital pen which can write on the paper while able to synchronous with USB Flash Disk Memory that help to translate whatever being written digitally and store in the flash memory. The synchronous process will able to transfer whatever the writer sketched on the paper to the flash memory so that a duplicate copy on important task can be stored without additional effort.

The next generation wireless digital pen is portable and can fit in pocket and carry anywhere. Weighted at only 16 grams, it is powered by a small standard battery and able to transfer the written data wirelessly to the flash memory. The transfer is said to happen in real time without any loss and can be stored in memory permanently for future retrieval. The user can always plug the flash memory into any USB 2.0 host port on the PC to open the copy for editing. Besides the wireless technology, an intelligent handwriting text recognition software is playing an important part to translate the text accurately for further processing.

The innovation is good for daily use as well as for specialists that always need to record down important notes on paper and keep an electronics backup copy effectively. No pricing has been announced yet. But we should expect the product to be available in the commercial market soon