Nowadays laptop stealing activities has becomes one of the major threat to the organization when some of the top secret and confidential data could be leaked along with the lost physical units. In view of this, Ericsson has just announced the collaboration effort with Intel to come out with a new anti theft technology that involves the use of its HSPA mobile broadband module installed into Intel branded laptop.

The mechanism behind is it will allow users to trigger the Anti Theft function built into Intel chipset through cellular network and service provider by just sending and receiving SMS messages. When the mobile broadband receives the SMS sent from the owner, it will activate some of the system security features that could either make the whole laptop inoperable or lock the hard disk data from being recovered by unauthorized users. Besides, users will be able to track back the actual location of the lost laptop with the assistance of GPS (Global Positioning System) module built into it.

This would definitely make the laptop stealing activities pointless and more importantly, it helps to secure the company confidential data especially the IP (Intellectual Property) and top secret document which are crucial for a company success. The new solution is expected to be commercialized by end of 2009.