eudora.jpg The pioneer e-mail client, Eudora, is now becoming an open source program after the owner Qualcomm Inc quit selling the product in May this year. This freebie email has been around for a while. It received strong reviews from computer magazines and has its loyal user or fan base. However, Eudora could not emerge to be a top popular email application as it was overshadowed by Microsoft’s software that comes together with new computers, and also other web based email programs.

By reoffering Eudora to an open-source community, the program stands a better chance of increasing its popularity. With its open-source status, it is available for downloading free of charge. On top on that, developers can also access the code, change it and share those changes. Comparatively, Eudora has unique features which are quite useful. For instance, it comes with Mood Watch which can rate email on a mood meter. This feature cannot be found on other email providers. People who suffer from e-mail overload will treasure the program’s unique folders-based approach to message organization, which makes finding old e-mail easy. Eudora is one of the best kept secrets of the email community.