Occasionally you may need to activate search function in your Windows system to search for missing files or folders Thing gets more complicated and slowing down your searching capability as your local directories and files storage capacity grow bigger. If you are not satisfied with the current searching tool that you have, why not try this simple yet powerful tool known as Everything search tool.

Everything search tool is well known for its fast searching capability by able to locate the files and folders by filename. It comes with very simple interface and users just need to type in any keyword (or partial file or folder name) and it will display everything related to it instantly together with its directory paths, modified date and size. Users can choose to match case, match whole words or path to make the searching more accurate depending on their preference. Besides, users can enable Regex for more effective search in case they are not sure of the exact keyword to use.

Unlike other searching mechanism that takes some times to build up its database, Everything can do it pretty fast by indexing its folder and file names in seconds. For instances, the tools is claimed to be able to index a fresh install Windows XP OS (Operating System) with about 20,000 files in one second and you can imagine how effective and useful it could be.

This is indeed a very powerful tool that allows you to search for your files or folders in seconds. Besides useful for your own system, the software utility is completely standalone that can be executable from thumb drive to be used on other PC system. The tool is compatible with Windows 2000, 2003, XP and even Vista and users can download the installer or portable version absolutely free of charge for immediate use.