Approximately 10% of the world’s population have the problem of colour blindness. Colour blindness is the inability to distinguish between certain colours that other people can perceive. This disability is normally inherited but it may also happen due to nerve, eye or brain damage. Colour blind people have disadvantages to view and read many websites as the colour combinations in these websites make it challenging for them to read and understand. Is there any program or utility that is able to help this visually impaired group?

Colour-blind person can seek assistance from “eyePilot“. This easy to use and interactive software application allows colour-blind people to work more efficiently with the full range of colours in the computer environment. This application is designed as an interactive floating window which can be used to layer over any browser window on your computer screen. The eyePilot tools will then start to work. When you click upon a particular element on the screen, the rest of the screen will turn gray. This allows you to see better the colour of your choice. A second click will cancel the effect. See the demo here. This makes it easier for color blind people to distinguish colours more efficienctly. This application is however not free. It costs you $34 and it supports Windows XP, 2000, NT and Mac. It doesn’t support Vista at this moment. There is also a free 30-days trial version available for testing.