Developers and programmers who wants to implement face detection algorithm in JavaScript has an easier task in coding now, as a Chinese coder, Liu Liu, has released the source code for a JavaScript based face detector. Face detection has been common in photo management application such as Picasa and iPhoto.

The JavaScript based face detection code is implemented through HTML5 Canvas element, on top of a JS port of a C-based computer vision library by the same author. The proof-of-concept face detector code works on color or gray-scale version of the photos, pictures or images, and is quite reliable in detecting faces in photographs. When a face is detected, a red box will be drawn around each face in the image.

Face Detector

The author has put up a demo of face detector here, and released the source code at GitHub.

The JavaScript based face detector opens up possibility of continue development for advanced usage, such as automatic detection, categorization and sorting of photos by face on web apps.