Occasionally you may encounter such a situation whereby your hard disk drive is almost full but in case you have no plan to upgrade to higher capacity one, here is a free software utility that you can consider. Named as Fast Duplicate File Finder, it will able to help you identify duplicated copies in your hard disk drive and allow you to delete them, freeing up the hard disk space for more optimized PC performance.

Once install and launch the utility, it will bring you to a simple GUI. Without complicated setup guide, users just need to select and add those folders that are intended to be scanned for duplicated files. Under the option, users can select to tick on the ‘Scan subfolders’ so that all of the sub directories will be covered without miss. It may take some times for all the files to be scanned through depending on your file and folder size. Good thing is, the utility will able to list down all the duplicated files with preview capability so that users can decide if to delete them straight away.

The utility consumes around 1.6MB and is suitable to be used on any Windows OS. If you think this is useful, just download it here to figure out how much space you are able to save after deleting the duplicated copies.