Sometimes it is quite common that whenever we delete a file, we tend to leave the folder as it is. This could be quite messy especially when we would like to search for certain files but there are too many empty folders that you need to browse through. Now with this tiny software utility named as Fast Empty Folder Finder, it will able to help you to scan through the whole system directories and list down all the empty folders to be deleted in simple steps.

The setup is pretty simple. Users just need to browse for the respective folders that need to be scanned for empty folder first, then followed by a click on ‘Search Now!’ in order for the scanning to start. Once completed, it will list down all the empty folders that being detected and good thing is, it allows users to preview the folder by clicking on the directories links so that they don’t delete any folder by mistake unnecessarily. By ticking on the empty folders, users can delete them by simply pressing on ‘Delete Checked Folders’ button.

The Fast Empty Folder Finder is compatible with Windows OS and can be download here to clean up empty folders in simple steps.