Most courier service providers offer web based tracking in order for users to track down the shipment from one place to another conveniently. This is sufficient for those users that can log into web in front of the PC to track them accordingly. But for those users that always travel on the road with limited access to web service, best think is to give them a call with the tracking number on hand for fast check out. If you are FedEx or UPS courier services’ users, you may want to try this even more simpler method – email the respective forwarder with the right tracking number and just wait for their auto reply on the details of shipments delivery.

Of course there are numerous ways to get the tracking status but I found this is much easier to be used. Best thing is, you can always keep a copy in your mobile phone for further retrieval when it is needed. The procedure is simple, just compose a new email message with the body message containing the shipment tracking number and you are ready to go. Leave the subject field blank and just attention to or for FEDEX or UPS couriers respectively.

Hopefully this simple tip will be able to ease your life when expecting some parcels bought through online stores or eBay auction website without the need to logon to the websites for tracking.