Are you a die-hard fan of MacGyver, Dexter or Beverly Hills 90210? You can now watch these old favorites on YouTube which have teamed up with CBS to show time-tested popular TV series on the Internet. More well-known for its homemade videos and candid films, YouTube is, however, exploring new frontiers to rake in more advertisers through its popular video-sharing website. CBC and Google have agreed to share the revenue gained from ads sold by CBS which are streamed into the website. Fans can look forward to more deals to be signed by Google with other TV networks in the near future.

In providing access to favourite TV episodes of the past, YouTube has joined the ranks of,, etc. However, YouTube has a dark past to live down when it concerns TV shows. Users used to post free recordings of televised content on YouTube as recently as 2006. Google is, in fact, still fighting off a lawsuit on copyright infringement from Viacom which owns MTV, Paramount Pictures and Comedy Central. This deal with CBS therefore signals a new beginning for TV buffs and YouTube fans alike.