There are multiple ways to share a file but if you are looking for a simple and quick way, then the free web service may be a good alternative. Named as, it converts any file into webpage so that it can be easily shared to others through a webpage link without any need of account signing up or software installation.

For the start, just go to visit and browse for the specific file that is intended to be shared, followed by a click on ‘Start Conversion’ button will execute the conversion process immediately. Once completed, it will generate a webpage link pointing to the file that can be shared to others instantaneously.

The free web service is very useful and convenient especially for recipients that don’t want any hassle whenever looking to receive and view the files from senders. By simply clicking on the link generated from the website, the recipients will be able to view and even save it to local drive. Good thing is, the website supports any files ranging from image, audio, document, programming source code and many more in various formats allowable up to maximum of 15MB per conversion.

Since the service is web based, it will have dependency on how fast it takes to upload or download the file and generally users will need to spend longer time uploading a huge file as compared to when downloading it due to the bandwidth limit and availability.