Installing a reputable and up-to-date antivirus software application is always the ideal solution to protect your computer from being attacked by viruses and spyware. It gives you peace of mind when attempting to access a new site or open a file or attachment appended in your email. Having said that, to have double protection for your system, sometimes it is good to scan and analyze the new files especially downloaded from unidentified sources with some online virus scanner. Most of these scanners are free and quite up to date.

Available free, Filterbit is one of the online virus scanners which you can utilize to scan your uploaded files with multiple security products. Filterbit allows users to upload their files up to a maximum of 20MB for scanning. This online scanner uses Metascan antivirus engines from CA (Computer Associates), Norman Data Defense Systems, ClamAV, ESET, Microworld and VirusBuster to perform the scanning task. Besides scanning for viruses which might pose a security threat to your system, Filterbit also prepares an analysis of the type of files uploaded, e.g. PDF, Doc, Txt, etc. and reports the results in a readable format.

Prevention is always better than cure. It is good to re-scan your files with some free web-based virus scanner. It might take a bit of your time is otherwise free and easy to use. There are many free online virus scanners users can try besides Filterbit. Users can refer to some of these free online virus scanners listed in our previous post.