A new service which comes with iCloud is Find My Friends, which allows a user to locate friends and family members who shared their location with the user from iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The Find My Friends native app has been released on iTunes App Store, though to use the service, users have to upgrade to iOS 5 or later.

Find My Friends

With Find My Friends app, friends who share their location with you appear on a map so you can quickly see where they are and what they’re up to. According to Apple, users can send the request to see a friend’s location through Find My Friends app, and once the friend accepts the request, users can view his or her exact location on a list or on a map.

Find My Friends

Find My Friends comes with several useful features such as ability to temporarily share your location with a group of people, ability to control privacy setting by switching off location sharing with the flip of a switch to go off grid (while still on sharing), and parental restrictions that help users manage how your children use Find My Friends.

Find My Friends also works with Contacts and Maps to provide meaning information when locating friends.

Download Find My Friends for free from iTunes App Store.