Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a critical process for many webmasters to ensure their sites can achieve a higher organic search listing and thus improve the volume of visitors’ traffic generated from search engines. Webmasters who are particular about their traffic volume will normally use SEO utility to find rankings of their pages in those major search engines such as Google and Yahoo from time to time. There are various powerful SEO programs available to help webmasters to check the search engine position of specific keywords and furnish users with useful information. However, this SEO program generally incurs some costs. If budget is a constraint but you still desire to constantly improve your keyword rankings, try SERPs Finder.

SERPs Finder is a tiny Search Engine Optimization (SEO) application which allows users to find rankings of their pages in Google, Live Search and Yahoo search engines. SERPs Finder is a powerful but simple SEO tool that can help users to check a given query keyed in and find the page ranking. It will check the first 100 results from Google search engine and the first 1000 results from Live Search and Yahoo respectively. Users who want to give it a try can download the zip file via the link here. This SEO tool is only 80kb. Users can run SERPs Finder by entering the URL of their website and the specific keywords. Users can check one search engine at any one time. Users will be notified if the website is found in the results from the chosen search engine and the search engine position checker will load that search result’s page in the default browser.

However, SERPs Finder with its simple features and functions can’t do much for professional webmasters. It is more suitable for amateur webmasters or bloggers to improve their site with no additional costs.

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