As the name implies, Check4Change monitors all the text change on Firefox websites at a periodic time frame specified by users and it will be able to save all hassles and the need to do a manual refresh each and every time when they expect some changes on the opened websites.

Once you download and install it, you are required to restart the Firefox browsers for it to take effective. After completion, open the desired website and select specific text that you are interested to monitor followed by a right click on the page to bring up a right click menu for selection. Scroll to Check4Change and users can choose specific interval that the system will prompt for text change (if any). Once they detected the text change, there will be notification in terms of pop-up alert, sound playback, Tab Animation and more which are fully configurable based on own preference.

Take note that it only works on opened Tabs and hence you may not able to continuously monitor those websites unless you keep them opened all the while. Anyway, it is always better than your manual refresh those opened tabs for updates. Users can download the Check4Change Add-on here for more effective work and it is compatible with Firefox version 1.5 up to 3.0.*