Searching documents through website or search engine could be time consuming. Typically, the search result could be a long list of URLs, then you need to go into each of the URL to download the right document. Now, there is a Firefox add-on, named as OutWit Docs that can help you find documents from any website by returning search result related to documents only.


OutWit Docs looks for text files, spreadsheets, presentations in various formats such as PDF, MS Office, Openoffice documents, RTF, CSV and etc. It is simple and easy to use. Once you have installed it, you will notice there is an OutWit Doc icon appeared beside the address bar. You just need to perform search to the desired documents through any website or search engine. And once you have gotten the search results, clicking on OutWit Doc button will help you downloading documents from all websites under the search result. If you are looking for specific document type such as PDF only, OutWit Docs does have the option to only select the specific file type for download.

OutWit Docs is the first public version which has been released in few days back and it only works with Firefox 3.0 and above. This version is still in beta and you are encouraged to provide any suggestion or feedback for further improvement. Just go to here to download if you think this is useful for you.