Mozilla Firefox browser is probably good friend to many internet users as this program has unlimited capability on what it can do. If you are new to Mozilla Firefox, perhaps you can consider these two add-ons to this browser to make it more powerful.

Split Browser
This add-on can split your Firefox browser as many split screens as you want. You can resize each screen to fit your needs. The splitting ability gives you conveniences to do your job especially when you are doing some analysis. Let’s look at your assistance here.


Amazing Webpage Emailer
Another useful add-on is Amazing Webpage Emailer (AWE). Sometime you come across some good webpage. What you normally do is send the links to your friend. However, if you email a hyperlink, it’s anyone’s guess what your recipient might see. AWE now allows you to send your friends the web pages as what you browsed to their email. Check it out from here.

Once you have installed, AWE will place an Envelope icon next to your Reload icon. When you have the page you want sent fully loaded, hit the icon and AWE will load the page to together with the page you want to send, an information form to fill out, and of course, a subscription form. Other than the annoying subscription form at the bottom of the page, AWE is easy to use and a much better alternative than using a Web spider to archive the site or screen capturing the page.

Besides the abovementioned, of course there are other recommended add-ons. You can visit Mozilla to get more information.