There could be some occasion that you don’t want certain bookmarked websites’ links to be exposed when someone is using or sharing your PC. The lists can easily grow huge and instead of trying to memorize them or jot down in paper, here is a tiny useful Firefox add-on that you can rely on. Named as Link Password, it will able to help you protecting/hiding the desired bookmarked websites from non-authorized users.

For the start, just install the add-on and restart the web browser for it to be effective. Don’t worry if you are in the middle of web browsing as all the opened tabs will be restored accordingly. Once completed, you are ready to use it by browsing directly to ‘Bookmarks’. On the drop down menu, just select a desired bookmarked link (or even the whole folder) followed by a right click will show either ‘Encrypt this link’ or ‘Encrypt this folder’ respectively. Clicking on it will prompt users to supply a new password that will be used to encrypt it using AES algorithm. Cautious: Please remember it as users will need to key in the same password to open the links at later stage. Good still, users can even choose to change the name of the link to completely eliminate the potential guessing of the website links.

Tried and it works great by following above steps. However, it didn’t work if you intend to access the bookmarked links/folders using Ctrl + B hotkey function. Anyway, Link Password is definitely a useful add-on to keep your sensitive websites from others without you to remember all of them manually.