There could be some occasions where you need to open multiple hyperlinks so that you can look into them simultaneously. If you are Mozilla Firefox user and here is a tiny add-on that you can utilize to simplify the task. Instead of manually clicking on them one by one, the add-on, with the name of Multi Links allows a quick activation by simply drawing rectangular box that will highlight and execute the hyperlinks launching without much hassle.

Once download and install the add-on, just restart for it to be effective like usual and all the previously opened tabs will be restored without any miss. By now, you should notice a small icon at the bottom right corner indicating that the add-on is ready to use. By default, the control function can be triggered by right clicking on mouse followed by dragging on mouse pad (if you are laptop user) and depending on how many hyperlinks that you intend to open, just drag the box to ensure the hyperlinks are fall within the dotted line will do. Releasing the button press will open all the hyperlinks in new tabs simultaneously. In case you need to customize the control and settings, just right clicking on small icon followed by ’Multi Links Options’ to open up a small window for customization. Right here, there is a way to configure the mouse button or key for selection/multiple selection, maximum number of links, scroll speed, either open the hyperlinks in new tabs or windows, copy to clipboard, selection box color, style and many more.

Compatible to run in Firefox from version 2.0 up to 3.7a1pre, Multi Links is free for download here to make your web browsing experience a much more pleasurable one.