By default, when you open a new tab in Firefox web browser, it will display blank page without any home URL address in the address bar. And what you normally do is to key in the respective web address before you can start browsing. Ever wonder how you can change the default setting so that it will at least display some desired webpage once you open the tab? And that is how this simply Firefox adds-on is useful for. Named as NewTabURL, it is a tiny Firefox adds-on that allows users to configure any webpage to be launched once a new tab is opened.


Once download and install the adds-on, users will need to restart the web browser for it to be effective. Not to worry, just restart and you will be brought back to all the previously browsed webpages. In order to configure, go to Tools, Extension Options then look for NewTabURL and there are few options such as Blank page, Home page, Current page or simply key in the exact URL and the default URL for new opened tabs will be set. If you want the new tab to follow the same URL as current page, just select ‘Current page’ option will do.

Although there is not many option for customization, but it is definitely sufficient if you only need the new tab to display any specific URL other than blank page. Compatible with Firefox 1.5-3.6.*, users can get a free download here for immediate use.