Even wonder how you can save all the pictures, photos or images that appeared in Firefox web browsers? Instead of saving them one by one, now with this Firefox Add-on, Save Images 0.5.1, you will be able to save those image files in selective tabs, customizable image size in specific folders.


This is very useful when you are in the midst of browsing some nice pictures and would like to have a quick way to save all of them regardless if there are in different tabs. Once download and install the add-on, restart the web browser and it will be effective. Right clicking on any opened page and go to ‘Save Images’ will allows you to select specific tabs for image download. If you are only interested on specific tabs, there is a way to choose to save images on current tab, save images from tabs to the left or to the right. Good thing about this add-on is it even allows users to customize the saved images such as enabling size limits in terms of file size or dimension, selectively to save images with JPG, GIF, BMP or all formats in specific local folders for easy retrieval.

Users can get a download at Mozilla and it works with all Firefox version ranging from 1.5 to 3.2a1pre.