If you are Firefox preferred users and always keep many opened tabs under the same window, you may have encountered such a situation that when you are trying to close all the tabs under same website domain but doesn’t want to close the whole window. Now with TabCloser 1.03 add-on, users no longer need to selectively close the websites that are not needed one by one. Instead, with a single right button click, it will help you to close all of related websites under the same main domain simultaneously.

Once after installation, restart the Firefox web browsers in order for it to take effective. After re-launching and right clicking on the main tabs, you will notice an additional Close All tabs that has been added on top of the Close tabs option. Clicking on it will execute the website closure instantly. This is quite helpful especially when you have a lot of opened tabs that are no longer needed and quite a number of them are under the same domain website.

Users can download TabCloser v1.03 free if you think it can effectively improve your efficiency during web browsing.