For people who spend lot of time in Internet surfing, bookmarking an interesting website has became one of the norms but sometimes it is quite messy especially you have a lot of bookmarks with some of them duplicated, broken links or links no longer valid. Now, there is a Firefox extension, named as CheckPlaces that can help you manage and clean up your bookmark in efficient way.


Basically CheckPlaces has 3 options which you can choose to perform bookmarks clean up such as “Check pages exist”, “Check for duplicates” and “Check for empty folders”. The “Check pages exist” option will check each of the URLs still valid by trying to visit them. The “Check for duplicate” option will look for bookmarks that have redundant URLs and the “Check for empty folders” option will look for folders that don’t contain anything inside (this can happen when you have performed clean up all URL from the folder without deleting the folder later). Once you have completed running CheckPlaces process, it will show you the checking summary of how many bookmarks are checked, how many pages were tested, how many valid link are tested, and how many bookmark folders are searched. The results for each of the options are listed under individual tab. Click on any one of the tabs will show you the detailed results of the checking. For instance, Failed pages tab shows you URL which is no longer exist, Duplicate bookmarks tab shows you redundant links and Empty folders tab shows you the folders that without any content in it.

If you find CheckPlaces to be useful and suit to your need, you can download it at here.