It is quite common to have multiple web browsers windows running simultaneously in Windows system. If you are a Firefox web browser user, you may appreciate the middle mouse button usage that simplify the launching of new tab by just a single click. In case you are using laptop or touchpad that doesn’t come with middle mouse button, not to worry now and with the new add-on utility named as InstaClick, it emulate the similar middle mouse function that enable the immediate web browser launching in new tab with just a single right click.

Once download the add-on and follow by restarting the web browser, the new function will be effective immediately. Instead of showing context-menus after the right click, InstaClick triggers an immediate website launching once users click on hyperlinks. This is especially useful whenever you need to do cross reference to different websites and by just a single right button click on any hyperlinks, it will launch the respective website in new tabs. In case there is a need to revert back to normal condition, just hold the SHIFT and CTRL keys followed by a right click will bring up the context-menus necessarily. Alternatively, users can disable it by going to Tools -> Add-ons -> Disable button like what can be done on other add-ons.

Compatible with Firefox 2.0 to 3.6a1pre, users can download the add-ons here for more effective usage of Firefox.