Do you have a shared cube that doesn’t allow you to surf non-work related websites? If you are fed up with prying eyes from your superior that tries to restrict you from work life balance activities, here is a simple trick – a Firefox adds-on that can simply change your web browser interface to something really plain with the hope to fool your peers or bosses so that they may think that you are working on office related tasks.


Once download and install the adds-on, just restart it and it will be effective immediately. If you notice carefully, two buttons with ability to toggle work-safe mode will appear at the status bar (bottom right location). Simply toggle it will turn on or off the Decreased Productivity feature depending on your needs and environments. Besides, it allows options of a single tab toggling as well as a full web browsers with all opening windows. This is indeed a good idea and is definitely better than when you are trying to copy all web browsers’ contents to notepad for offline reading, and instead, you can do it just like normal way of surfing web except that all those graphics, banners, coloring bars will be stripped off, just leaving pure text based contents which is adequate for news and materials reading pleasure.

If you think this is useful, just download it here and it is compatible with Firefox version from 2.0 to 3.6.*.