There could be some websites that by default you need them to be launched whenever you start the web browser window. Although it is still possible to bookmark all of them for faster accessibility, but how good would that be if you can launch them all with simple clicks? That is how this tiny adds-on being designed to simplify the URLs launching. Named as Multi-site Opener, it allows users to pre-configure all the favorite websites’ URL and with just a single button click, users will be able to launch them instantly without the need to go through all hassles of retyping or accessing from bookmarks.

Once install and restart the Firefox web browser, you will notice a new icon being added at the bottom right corner of your screen. Clicking on it will open up the small window and over there, users are allowed to input the URLs of all the websites that intended to be launched whenever the button is clicked. Good thing is, there is no limit on how many URLs you can enter and the lists will remain unchanged and at any time, users can choose to add more URLs into it. Once ready, there are two options for selection with either open the URLs with new tabs or new windows depending on own preference.

This is quite useful especially when you have a number of favorite URLs that need to be launched and if you think this is suitable for your usage, just get a free download here for more effective web browsing experience.